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You Can Definitely Bring Your Groceries On Your Bike

Close-up of a motorcycle bag. Shot outside in the natural light.

One issue with male bikers is the role of the “macho” rider. You men are in a special peer group. Even if you’re not a %1er, you are still part of a crowd that prides itself in being and looking cool. But don’t let that dissuade you from throwing a grocery bag on your Bagger. In fact, you don’t even need a Bagger bike to carry these sustaining items.

The Myth That Most Bikes Can’t Carry Groceries

One of the many myths that revolve around motorcycles and motorcycle riders is that motorcycles are not fit for carrying grocery items. This concept could not be any more wrong. You can’t bring heavy and big stuff on your motorcycle just like you can’t bring heavy duty stuff on your car.

There are items that are best transported with the help of trucks. However, if you are a trained motorcyclist who can balance his ride well with some stuff on board, you can definitely bring grocery on your motorbike. You can carry heavy items on it too but surely there is a limit on that. Some people would only need a bungee cord to tie the stuff they want to carry with their motorcycles.

In this particular case, you don’t even have to be the best rider in town. You can use the cord to tie the stuff you are bringing on your back seat. You will need to pass the cord through some tricky areas but it is easy to figure out to tie stuff on the back seat. When you have your stuff secured in place you can ride your motorcycle just like you would with a lightweight passenger behind you.

Tanks Bags Anyone?

Tank bags are among one of the most common bags that are used for carrying stuff when you are riding a motorcycle. These bags are often used by people who own a motorcycle but don’t have a car. These bags are available in many different sizes and when you are picking the one you should also see how secure the locking mechanism is on the bag. The bag secures on your tank. The magnetic tank bags are pretty commonly used by motorcyclists. These bags have an expandable storage compartment, many compartments for small items and a pocket to fit in a map as well.

If you are not comfortable with the idea of having a bag stuck on your tank you might want to consider the tail bags. Once again, these bags can serve as great additions to your motorcycle if you want to and have to carry some stuff around with you. These bags are available in soft and hard materials both. They are locked on the back of your seat right above the tail light and are available in many different sizes. You can easily find them with matching colors to the color of your motorcycle or in contrasting shades.

Lastly, you have the saddlebags that are also available in many different sizes, shapes, and materials. You can find them made of leather, textile, hard materials etc. The choice of material should depend on the kind of items you would carry in them. They fit on both sides of the motorcycle above the rear wheel. Their locking mechanism should be very convenient so you can easily mount and unmount them from your motorcycle. Bags made with hard materials will carry items and provide some extent of security as well. Soft materials are not very safe in case of an accident.

Bags Can Be Customized

Most of these bags come with several other options included on them. For example, you can buy bags with rain covers as well. This allows you to carry your grocery items without getting them wet in the rain. Some bags are made of materials that are intrinsically waterproof so you don’t need any rain covers for them. The capacity of your bags is measured in liters.

Some good bags from renowned companies come with guarantees and warranties of up to 10 years. So get the right bags today and start buying some grocery on your motorcycle, or just use the bungee cord if you are the bold one.