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The Top 10 Repair and Maintenance Tools for Riders

Strange and crazy customized vehicle. It consists of various incompatible parts but looks great.

Being a motorcycle rider does not always mean having the privilege to enjoy great rides on great roads on days with great weather. You have some responsibilities because a motorcycle is a machine and this machine needs maintenance just like any other machine. You will find yourself sitting with a huge set of tools at times and repairing and fixing parts of your motorcycle.

Of course, complex tasks need to be taken to the professional mechanics but there are things that you can do on your own. However, you must have the right tools to perform those little tasks. Here are the 10 important tools that you must have with you to fix if not all then most of the issues you will encounter as a motorcycle rider.

  • Torque Wrench

Torque wrench is one of the most important items that you must have in your possession if you think loose bolts are your nightmare. Torque wrench is great in that it tells you about your fasteners and whether your fasteners meet the specifications provided by the factory or not. Clutch baskets and cylinder heads are the most important places where you need to keep a certain torque value. However, you should be worried about maintaining the torque value of all the parts on your motorcycle if you want to be a pro.

  • Sockets

Some people are really crazy about them and you will see them with a collection of sockets. Sockets are really useful and you should have them in many different sizes. When you are looking for them you should know that they are checked by their inches. Their sizes are often given as inches with fraction values. However, you can also find them with sizes given in millimeters. Universal joint sockets are not needed a lot but it is best that you have one because when you need it nothing else can replace it.

  • Chain Breaker

Of course, you will need it only if your motorcycle is chain driven. When you have problems with your chain this tool is the best thing you will have. A loose master link is the indication of something really wrong about to happen so you want to fix it as soon as possible. If you want to put a master link back into its place or change the entire chain completely, chain breaker is the best tool for that. If you improvise you will definitely have to waste hours whereas with this tool you can do the job within minutes.

  • Meter With Multiple Options

Your motorcycle has a big battery in it. It is not just a machine running with an engine and mechanical parts. There is electric work inside it and there are times when you need to fix its electric and electronic components as well. That’s when this meter that serves multiple purposes will come in handy. It can measure a lot of things for you from resistance to voltage and even continuity. It is best that you go for a good one rather than focusing on getting a cheap one.

  • Pliers – Many Of Them

It is hard to imagine a tool that is better and more multiple tasking than a pair of pliers. This tool is so amazing that some people have the talent of fixing almost anything in the house or on a vehicle with the help of a pair of pliers only. However, you don’t have to show this unique talent. It is best that you keep a few different types of pliers in possession for different tasks. Locking pliers, needle nose pliers and the conventional pliers are some types that you would want in your tool box.

  • Luber Tool

This tool is a great addition to your collection and makes your lubing job a lot easier when you use it. This particular tool is designed to save you the hassle of taking every single cable out of your bike and lubing it separately. With this tool you can hold the cables without taking them out fully and lube them with the very thin pipe coming out of the luber. It is best that you keep something on the floor to protect it from getting dirty from overflow.

  • A Pan For Catching Oil

This is an extremely important tool for almost every motorcycle rider who can perform the task of changing the oil on his own. In fact, you should be able to change the oil yourself because this is one of the most basic tasks that every bike owner must know. When you get rid of the old blackened oil from your motorcycle it is best that you catch it in the oil pan and then take it to the place where you can get it recycled rather than adding to the already intimidating pollution of our world.

  • Wrenches Of Different Sizes

Don’t ever think that one wrench would do the job for you because it won’t. You need a set of wrenches in your tool box to perform all the maintenance and fixing tasks on your motorcycle with ease. In fact, there are times when you might need two wrenches of exactly the same size. Therefore, it is better that you buy a pair of wrenches of same size. Small sized wrenches are the tools you will thank from your heart at times because large sized wrenches would not fit into the place where you need to work on occasions.

  • Service Manual From Factory

Tasks that are common with most motorcycles can be performed without needing a service manual at all. However, there are times when you will need the manual for sure. Sometimes you have no idea whether a part needs to be changed or not. That’s when you have to take out the service manual from the factory and see what it says. Assembly and disassembly of many parts is also possible only when you have the factory service manual in your possession.

  • Bike Stand

It is quite unfortunate that motorcycle makers got rid of the center stand that you used to find on almost all the motorcycles in the past. They have become a rarity in the modern times but there are still motorcycles that come with them. However, when you don’t have one on your motorcycle it is best that you buy one separately. A center stand is extremely important when you are performing fixes and maintenance tasks on your motorcycle. The only time you won’t need a stand is when you need to remove the front wheel of your motorcycle as well.