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The Obsession and Thrill of Upgrading Your Steal Beast

Close-up of a motorcycle bag. Shot outside in the natural light.

Whether it is a smartphone, a computer or a motorcycle, when can’t stick to just one. There is always that voice in our heads that continues to tell us that we need to upgrade our stuff. The urge is not as strong when you have just bought something as it is after you have used your item for quite some time and you can see a lot of other great options around you that could serve you better.

Upgrades are Common and Fun For Riders

No matter how much you love your current motorcycle, there is always time and opportunity to upgrade to a better one. Motorcycle manufacturers are coming up with new technology, better designs and more convenient ergonomics on their motorcycles with time. Even if you can’t upgrade your motorcycle in terms of the power of your engine, there are other things that you can surely make better with an upgrade.

Don’t Go In Debt – This is Supposed to Be Fun

When you want to upgrade a motorcycle you have to make sure to go the right way. Choose only the best and clearest way to upgrade to a new motorcycle. Don’t get yourself pressed under the mountain of debt and loan. That’s just what has happened to many motorcyclists who were looking for an upgrade.

Insurance Problems

A motorcyclist recently shared his experience on an online forum about how he wanted to upgrade to a better model of the motorcycle but ended up not upgrading. He owned a Kawasaki Ninja 650. This is already a very powerful machine that not only looks great but delivers the performance that impresses many. Finding a new motorcycle under an insurance policy is quite easy. However, you won’t get the best insurance deal every time. Motorcycles are known for dangerous accidents and riders for their adventurous riding. This is why you often have to pay higher premiums for motorcycles.

The same happened to this motorcyclist who could not afford to pay the yearly sum of premiums that the most affordable insurance quote had for him. He then went to a dealership where an agent told him that he could upgrade from Ninja 650 to the amazing Ninja ZX-10R. This motorcycle is a beast on the road. It has a 1000cc engine on it and with its lime green color it looks like a machine from the future on the road. It has the four stroke inline-4 engine and can achieve 40 miles for every gallon of fuel you put in its tank.

The agent on the dealership told him that he could sell his Ninja 650, the trade-off will work in this way that the price of his motorcycle will apply to the total price of the new Ninja ZX-10R and the rest of the money could be written off as loan. It sounded like a great deal to the motorcyclist and so he agreed to it. However, it didn’t take very long for the agent to give him the shock of the day. The agent called him up and told him something that was completely different from the deal he had agreed for.

Financing or Cash?

The agent told him that the amount of the trade-off for his Ninja 650 will be given to him as a check. As for the new ZX-10R he can take loan with the help of the dealership and pay it off in easy monthly installments. This was a shock for the motorcyclist in many ways. First, the agent had not told him that things would work this way on his first meeting. Second, he didn’t know why a simple trade-off would not work and that he had to be given a check for his trade-off.

Third and most important, he could not think of going for such an option because this would have introduced a huge loan amount on his credit history. This would have had a bad effect on his credit documents and created troubles for him if he had thought of getting loan for a house or something else in future. The agent was quite rude after stating his “new” deal and before the interested buyer could fully discuss with him his options he hung up the phone. This is how the dream for an upgrade shattered for this eager motorcyclist.

The Devil is in the Details

It is highly advised that you pay proper attention to little details when you are thinking of an upgrade. First up, go for the options that are most transparent and where you know you would not be given a surprise at the end. When you want to do a trade-off with a dealership in an attempt to upgrade and pay the balance amount by taking loan, make sure you have discussed every option clearly with the agent. It is best that you ask them to send you the details about the offer in an email and if they look reluctant in doing so just steer clear from such a deal and upgrade.