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Motorcycles Mean Lower Gas Prices and Freedom on the Roads of Riverside

Motorcycles mean lower gas prices and freedom on the roads of Riverside and it is a great way to travel to work, run errands and to just ride the bike for enjoyment. The problem is them motorcycle rider is in constant danger on the road, because they are at a much higher risk of being injured than the person driving a vehicle.
The motorcycle rider has so little protection when they are riding that any collision is going to result in injuries. These injuries can be debilitating for weeks, months or permanently.

These injuries can include traumatic head injuries, internal injuries, neck and back injuries, broken bones, road rash, cuts and gashes. After a motorcycle accident it doesn’t matter how low the gas cost was, it doesn’t matter about the feeling of freedom or the enjoyment of riding a motorcycle, because the injuries are going to take weeks or months to heal. In some cases there can be injuries that become a disability. This will mean that the injured motorcyclist will lose time from work and that will equal loss of wages.

This can inhibit healing by the injured victim and it can also mean that the victim and family suffer financial stress, due to a driver that was negligent. Statistics show that there are tens of thousands of motorcycle accident victims injured every year and studies show that in three quarters of the motorcycle crashes a passenger vehicle is involved and usually that vehicle is a car. Two thirds of these occur at intersections and are caused by drivers that fail to yield to the right of way of the motorcycle or during left hand turns.

Motorcycles mean lower gas prices and freedom on the roads of Riverside is great, unless the rider is involved in a collision. If the collision is due to a negligent driver the motorcycle rider has the right to hold the driver accountable for their actions that caused the accident. The way the motorcycle injured motorcycle rider holds them accountable is by filing a lawsuit against the negligent driver and their insurance company. The injured victim should be represented by a motorcycle accident injury attorney, since they can recover a fair settlement for the victim from the insurance company and go up against their attorneys that will fight, so that the insurance company does not have to pay any compensation.