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Motorcycle Lane-Splitting and Risk of Injury

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The allure of the open road and the wind on your leather jacket is overwhelming for many motorcycle riders. The great weather and roads of California make it a significant destination and one where thousands of bikers travel each year.

New laws allowing lane-splitting by motorcyclists are at the center of concern about accidents. The practice remains widely used after becoming legal in California in 2014.

The rate of motorcycle fatalities has edged down, even though the absolute numbers of deaths have increased over a decade ago. Most motorcyclists know that lane splitting is now legal, while a bare majority realize it.

A Spreading Practice, but Little Public Education

The Wall Street Journal reports that the practice may soon be legal outside of California. According to recent data, only 53% of car and truck drivers recognize that lane splitting is legal in the state. But this practice also increases the risk of a severe accident due to ignorance of other drivers.

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Tireless Rider Advocates

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