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Motorcycle Injury Lawyer Lists Safety Tips

In accordance with National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month the Injury Law Attorneys at the Dolman Law Group Discuss How Motorists Can Look Out For Their Motorcycle Counterparts

May is national Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month and as injury law attorneys we believe it is imperative to ensure motorists understand that motorcycle crashes can be avoided by applying simple caution. “As injury law attorneys we routinely represent bikers significantly injured resulting from accidents that could have been easily avoided. I believe it our duty to educate our clients and members of the community” states Matt Dolman, owner of the Dolman Law Group.

Here are some safety tips for Florida motorists in regards to motorcycle safety.

  • Look out for Motorcycles on the road: motorcycles are much smaller than vehicles and therefore are often difficult to spot. For this very reason, we urge motorists to check and double-check their mirrors and blind spots for the presence of a motorcycle nearby.
  • Always use your traffic signals: Make it a habit to signal early to keep other motorists and bikers aware of upcoming turns or whether you will be changing lanes.
  • Leave room for the motorcycle: It is imperative you note that motorcyclists have the same rights’ as do motorists. Please maintain a proper following distance
  • Avoid texting and driving and distracted driving: Driving with distractions limits your ability to see what is around you and inhibits your reaction time.

Keeping the interests of other motorists and bikers in mind will go a long way towards limiting accidents and injuries in the State of Florida.

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