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Motorcycle Accidents Usually Are Not Mere Soft Tissue Cases

Motorcycle accidents cost victims their health and financial security every year, particularly in cities such as San Francisco, Beverly Hills, and West L.A. Unfortunately, many motorcycle drivers are underinsured for serious accidents and the types of injuries that come from unprotected motorcycles. Furthermore, most accidents involve automobiles which obviously out-size the motorcycle. The much smaller motorcycle leaves its passengers much more vulnerable than do cars. No matter what equipment the motorcycle driver employs, injuries are still often serious and should always be taken seriously.

Extremities, such as hands, feet, legs, and arms, are most often injured in accidents. Commonly, motorcycle drivers will of course experience lacerations and contusions. However, fractures are very common, and amputations even happen. Obviously, these injuries can have a serious effect on the life of the victim as arms and hands are necessary for many of our activities of daily living, and legs and feet are involved in success in walking and moving around.

Unfortunately, despite helmets being required equipment for anyone who mounts a motorcycle in California, many head and brain injuries still occur. In fact, serious brain trauma doesn’t even require the skull to be hit as the brain can be injured from hitting the hard interior of the skull. When trauma happens to the brain, damage is lengthy if possible to repair at all because of the way that the nervous system tries to recover. The heaviness of the head and the helmet also contribute to neck and spine injuries as the neck is relatively unprotected even with a helmet and upper body gear.

Of course, eye injuries occur when a helmet with goggles isn’t employed. Eye injuries can be temporary, or even permanent such as the loss of an eye.

After the victim is stabilized immediately following an accident, the work of healing is just begun. Victims of motorcycle accidents with even medium severity injuries, particularly musculoskeletal or brain injuries can require weeks, months, or even years of rehabilitation, maintenance, or therapy. Sometimes even psychological issues arise from the trauma of the accident itself, or brain injuries. If you or your loved one is the victim of a motorcycle accident, always take the injuries seriously. If medical testing and treatment costs seem daunting and your injuries were caused by another, hiring a personal injury attorney who specializes in motorcycle accidents can help facilitate the care you need when you need it.