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Michigan Motorcycle Accidents Increase With The Repealed Helmet Law

The State of Michigan recently repealed its helmet law giving motorcycles the choice of wearing a helmet while they ride under legislation. The bill, Senate bill 291, was passed approximately two months ago, in April 2012, by Governor Rick Snyder.

Michigan will become the 31st state to give motorcycle the options to choose, however, statistics are showing that there are sever consequences to repealing the helmet law. Since Governor’s Rick Snyder repealed Michigan motorcycle helmet law, more than 700 motorcyclists and bike passengers have been injured in a motorcycle accident, with the helmetless motorcyclists suffering more serious injuries and being killed at a greater rate than those bikers who wear helmets.

From April 12 through June 17, there was a total of 719 motorcyclists and their passengers were involved in an accident. This total represents reports already submitted by state police and local agencies; however more are expected to be filed. When a Michigan motorcycle accident occurs, police are to indicate whether or not a helmet was being used. It was found that 80 percent of riders in Michigan wore helmets and the 20 percent that did not were more seriously injured.

Other motorcycle accident injury statistics include (April to June 2012):

  • 25 percent of the 129 motorcyclists involved in a Michigan accident and did not wear a bike helmet suffered “incapacitating” injuries versus 16 percent of the 525 motorcyclists who wore helmets.
  • 4.7% of all helmetless riders involved in an accident were killed in Michigan motorcycle accident versus 1.5% helmeted riders killed in an accident.
  • The percentage of bikers who did not wear helmets increased over time – the first month after the repeal 17 percent of riders involved in an accident did not wear helmets versus the 22 percent in the second month
  • More than one in three motorcycle crashes happened on the weekends

Although many motorists blame bikers for their accidents, statistics show that most often an accident is caused by a careless motorist. The motorcycle accident Buckfire law attorneys urge motorcyclists to be always be aware on our roads and highways while riding your motorcycle. Fatalities are increasing and motorcycle accident injuries can cause catastrophic injuries or even death. If you or a family member suffers injuries in a bike accident, contact our Michigan motorcycle accident lawyers immediately to discuss your case. Call our office now at (800) 606-1717 and we will start working on your case immediately gathering all the evidence and witness statements to win and settle your case.