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Security in Motorcycling in Long Beach California

Riding a motorcycle for fun or for daily transportation has long been popular in California particularly along the coasts, such as in Long Beach, which provide stunning views for the rider. The motorcycle has had an upsurge of popularity in recent years. California stresses safety for motorcyclists by requiring motorcycle helmets for all riders. Like other states, California requires special testing before a motorcycle permit is given. With all of these safety precautions, one would think that the motorcyclist would enjoy a sense of security on the road.

Unfortunately, the trend is just the opposite. In 2008 there were 560 fatal motorcycle accidents in California alone, an 8% increase from 2007. No matter what precautions a motorcyclist takes to ride safely, the numbers show that accidents can and do happen. Additionally, most accidents on motorcycles are not the fault of the biker but rather of a driver of another vehicle failing to notice the motorcyclist. Due to the difference in size of vehicles and lack of bodily protection, a motorcyclist is very vulnerable to injury and death in an accident with an automobile. Even when a helmet and protective gear are worn, injuries can and do occur in a stunning 98% of motorcycle accidents with a vehicle, with over 45% of those injuries being quite serious.

Motorcyclists are 300% more likely to be injured than a motorist in an accident. When those injuries occur, nearly one third of non-fatal accidents incapacitate the biker. In 2003, the nation spent $16.3 million on in-house rehabilitation for motorcycle accident victims. And of course, that hospital stay is just the starting point for an expensive and long treatment process. However, as many as 10% of motorcycle riders involved in an accident are not adequately insured to cover their loss of property or even their own medical bills.

When as a motorcycles in Long Beach there is a collision that is due to a negligent driver, the injuries can be severe and they can take an extended amount of time to heal. The one thing that the injured rider has is rights, which include the legal right to hold the negligent driver accountable. This means bringing a lawsuit against them and ultimately their insurance company. The injured motorcycle accident victim is no match for the insurance company or their attorneys, and this is why they are best represented by a motorcycle accident attorney.