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Harley Wobble Crash Course

Close-up of a motorcycle bag. Shot outside in the natural light.

The Harley Wobble—what it is—what it does and how dangerous it can be, is something that all riders should be aware of. This is because this is a problem that can occur on not just a Harley Davidson motorcycle. It can happen to other ones too, even if they have been dealer maintained. This is not a problem of the bike owner doing improper maintenance or a driver riding wrong, this is a proven defect that has taken on the name “Harley Wobble” or “Death Wobble” and a problem that can be dangerous since it can cause the rider to lose control of the bike.

Harley Admits to the “Wobble”

Harley Davidson has admitted that the bikes are susceptible to a wobble or weave, which depends on the bikes speed. They also have stated that it does not cause accidents when this occurs and it also happens with other bikes designed by other manufacturers. One last thing that Harley Davidson said is that the wobble problem can also be caused by bike owners adding certain parts and that Harley the owner should follow the owner’s manual.

This problem has been centered on the swing arm, the rear suspension mounting the transmission and engine mounting to the frame of the motorcycle. When the engine has not been constrained between all three axles it can develop what is termed an elastic relationship between the swing arm and frame.

This problem with Harley Davidson motorcycles can be devastating to riders; the injuries can be severe or even fatal. This motorcycle accident will mean time to heal and damage to the bike, even if the rider was careful on the bike while out riding because the problem with the “Harley Wobble” will make it impossible to keep control of the bike.

The Harley Wobbl—what it is—what it does and how dangerous it can be for the rider is immense, and after an accident of this type the injured rider or the family of a rider that has been fatally injured due to this problem with the bike needs the representation of an experienced motorcycle attorney, but one that is aware of the “Harley Wobble.”

This is unlike other motorcycle accidents because this will include holding Harley Davidson accountable for the obvious problem with their bikes that can cause these types of crashes. This can be a complex lawsuit that will require the experience of a motorcycle accident attorney, with access to experts and also one that understands the mechanics of motorcycle defects.