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The Benefit of Commuting on a Motorcycle and the Danger in San Diego

By the L.A. Motorcycle lawyers at Ehline Law Firm – There are some great benefits of commuting on a motorcycle in San Diego, everyone has to work and part of that is getting there. Motorcycles are natural stress relievers and they are also much cheaper on gasoline, but there is also the danger of being on the road. These dangers on the road for the motorcycle rider commuting occur on the highway when traffic is congested. And crashes happen even when traffic is running smoothly because all it takes is one driver that is not paying attention to the road. Motorcyclists commuting will also find intersections dangerous because drivers do not always yield to the rider’s right-of-way, this has been proven in studies showing a high amount of motorcycle crashes that happen at intersections.

The motorcycle rider is at the mercy of drivers of motor vehicles because when a driver is negligent it will mean serious injuries for the motorcycle rider that is attempting to save money by commuting on their bike. The injuries can be severe and include traumatic brain injuries, internal injuries, broken bones, gashes, cuts, and scrapes. Scrapes might not sound serious, but when it is skin that is scraped off by the pavement it can be serious enough to require skin grafts.

The benefit of commuting on a motorcycle and the danger in San Diego is clear looking at the annual statistics that many drivers are not alert to the traffic around them. Some drivers after a motorcycle accident claim they did not see the bike till it was too late to avoid the collision and then there are some that swear they never saw the bike till the crash. This does not put riding a motorcycle in the safest category, even when commuting to work, which means the rider needs to ride defensively to help avoid being involved in a crash.

When a motorcycle crash does happen and it is caused by a driver that was not alert to the traffic around them, this makes the driver negligent. This is when an experienced motorcycle accident attorney is the best protection the injured rider can have. This is an attorney that can hold the negligent driver and their insurance company accountable for the crash and the injuries the motorcycle rider suffered, which is important. These injuries are severe and that means there will be ongoing medical care, loss of work, and possible surgery or therapy necessary.